ETEEAP for working professionals

I called a different school as I saw an advertisement on tv about them having an accelerated program designed for working professionals who haven’t finished their degree to finally get one in a short period of time. Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) is offering an Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program or ETEEAP. As I was browsing online for more information, I stumbled upon other schools offering the same program, University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR) and University of Cebu (UC).

I called the school up to inquire about the mechanics on how to take advantage of this educational scheme and they said I would need to have a minimum of 5 years worth of work experience to qualify.

I actually have 3 years worth of experience in the call center industry and 1 year’s worth in fast food restaurants. I’m wondering if I qualify since I also worked for our family business before that now folded up. I still need to get evaluated but this offer opened my eyes to the possibility of getting that much-sought after diploma that I’ve been wanting ever since my batchmates (some of them anyway) graduated.

I’m still waiting for University of San Carlos (USC) to implement the same program since this where I’m currently studying. It’s already the extension of the enrollment week or the adjustment period but I’m not too sure if I want to enroll when I was already decided when I went to the university. I have too many options to think about and I feel lost again since I want to just save and save or find a short course so I can develop other skills in the mean time while waiting for my work experience to mature (only need one more year or less).

Now I’m almost decided to not go to regular school. By the way, I chanced upon this forum in Istorya.NET about the said curriculum. They said, USJR has the best ETEEAP program, I’m not sure if it’s within the country or within the region. Anyway, you can just follow the thread to check at how these two posters argued about the amount of the program. Click here to get some comic relief.

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  1. 5:32 am, July 22, 2010joseph  / Reply

    got the same problem dude. I worked in the PH for 2+ years, in UAE for 3 years, and now in SG for jobjunting. Unfortunately, though i’ve held a number of offers with me, no company could approve my visa pass because of that paper. Plus, i’ve completed all of my Units in UP except for only the thesis. And, it’s not a time that I could go back to school considering a number of factors, topping which is the fact that i am the family breadwinner. let me know if you chance upon a school that has the ETEEAP offer. I’ve emailed a number of school, but to no avail. I’ll try university of cebu.

    • 5:46 am, July 22, 2010Edstudyante  / Reply

      thanks for sharing, joseph. I hope there will be more schools who’ll be offering this program. I only now USJR and CIT in Cebu who are offering it. I’m planning to take it this year as I’ve already reached the minimum number of years already. Good luck!

  2. 12:48 pm, July 27, 2010Joseph  / Reply

    After numerous email attempts, I have yet to wait for an answer. I will go home to PH end of this week, and will try to speak to the ETEEAP accredited schools. One way or another, I have to get the diploma. :-) I’ll update on the outcome. If by any chance you get to speak to any school, let me know.

    • 3:05 am, July 29, 2010Edstudyante  / Reply

      It would really be better if we go directly to the schools Joseph, I’ll be dropping by sometime in August. I have gotten an application and I just need to fill it up.

      One advice would be to gather all the important working documents (certificate of employment) and certifications that you have so they will assess you on what course to take as well as the number of years for the ETEAPP program.

  3. 9:36 am, January 16, 2011Henry Mac  / Reply

    Guys’ ETEEAP scheme is not as easy as you think and it is impletemented almost with the GOV.state university and college.
    I myself is an ETEEAP graduating @TUP manila on BSECE course, you need to take an endorsement letter from CHED along with the ETEEAP application in detailed with all you previous education and certification and work experience, if ched approved then proceed to where school your course is available with your endorsement. you will undergo an assesment test, in this evaluation they will decide how many subject and units you have to take more.

    thanks :-)

  4. 11:42 am, March 3, 2011cha  / Reply

    o Henry

    What actually u did for assessment test and how long have you spent to complete the course? Because now I am in Bangkok and when i return home for a vacation this April I’m planning to inquire either TUP or PNU on which would fit in my time availability. Could it possibly finish the course in less than a year without too much going to school? Furthermore, would you mind to give me an idea about the cost..
    Thanks, i would really appreciate any infos might help to my queries.

  5. 12:07 pm, March 15, 2011popoy  / Reply

    is TUP good rather than MSEUF in Lucena??? i think its hard in State U than Private U… but it depends how a person will study and interested.. im planning to take eteeap nxt year.. i worked as electrical technician for 2 yrs and 3yrs was in a Computer shop, what im confused is my COE was a TEchnician since i worked in computer and electronics servicing ( we were making a videoke n arcade)is Job Description really needed??? I got lot of trainings n seminars, Also got 2 NC II. pls advice . ty

  6. 5:01 pm, May 15, 2011chinchan  / Reply

    Hi Estudyante, I am also a student of USC-TC and is working in a BPO industry fo rmore than 5 years. I am currently at my 4th year in BSECE, i would also like to be involve in the eteeap program since it’s difficult for me na makisabayan sa mga students since they are younger than me, plus i have a busy schedule at work. Will you kindly let me know how much does it cost to enroll? And do you think i’ll be able to finish my course in less than a year or a year perhaps?

  7. 2:49 am, June 5, 2011Ivanov  / Reply

    I have also given the chance for this kind of opportunity and CHED was able to evaluate my credentials and finally referred me to Lyceum for Info Tech course. I have submitted 5 copies of my CHED evaluated documents. I have to wait for the panel interview within the year but they said probably this Aug 2011.

  8. 10:14 pm, July 8, 2011dodong george  / Reply

    same probs w/ u guys, but bothered me most was where is d cheapest university here in manila ksi sa amoa sa mindanao naay mga offer eteeap but its too expensive..mahal kaau pers units nla..

  9. 11:15 pm, August 7, 2011CIT ETEEAP ME Stud  / Reply

    to all people who are planning to take eteeat, I advise you not to enroll in CIT in Cebu. We have spent more than three years in their ME program and still don’t know when we could end. It’s more agonizing than hell. Ang iba sa amin nagtrabaho na sa labas ng bansa, hindi parin matapos2x. USJR is the best, ang katrabaho ko nakapasa na sa board exam in just one take.

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